Calhoun Youth is a ministry of the Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe that young people are an integral part of not only our church life but of our church leadership as well. All of our youth ministry operates through a short list of core values:


  • Helping our young people fall in love with Jesus.
  • Empowering the family to be the "front lines" in teaching our young people to be comitted disciples of Jesus.
  • Growing meaningful relationships with our God, our families, and our friends
  • Encouraging a sense of responsibility for the world around us, and helping our youth experience the joy of service to all of God's creatures.
  • Create safe environments for youth to develop their faith, explore the Bible, grow spiritually, and develop a sense of ownership with their church community.
  • Involve our young people in meaningful positions of leadership and encourage them to use their gifts and talents.